The Bible encourages us to work hard but also in our play, do this for the glory of God. 

I Corinthians 10:31 tells us whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, we are to do it all for the glory of God. 

Fun is an important part of recovering from homelessness and cannot be overlooked.  This fall, the moms have several opportunities to enjoy the blessings of fun activities at The Bridge to Hope.  Our pizza and skate night hosted by North Phoenix Baptist Church was our first Thursday dinner for September.  What a relaxing evening as well as a whole lot of laughter! 

In October, we will have a fun evening at Encanto Park Enchanted Island.  Another opportunity for laughter and excitement as a community.  The moms learn that it doesn’t always take a lot of money to have a relaxing, fun time that is good for the spirit. 

As our moms work on their recovery from homelessness, they realize that they can thank God for the relaxing, fun times as they establish a balanced life and healthy habits for a successful, productive life.

You make the fun times possible, along with the safe homes provided for them when you support The Bridge to Hope.

In October, the moms will have the opportunity to show their homes to those who come to the Open House on October 23rd; we invite you to see what you are providing and how you can get involved. 

The fun doesn’t stop!  In November, they will enjoy The Journey to Hope fundraising dinner along with you and the others who come to rejoice with us for what the Lord has accomplished in the lives of those who have graduated from The Bridge to Hope. 

Thank you for your part in helping our moms to give glory to God for all that He makes possible for them to enjoy. 

Thank you, you are ending homelessness One Family at a Time!

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