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The Bridge to Hope Proudly presents our DIY (Do it Yourself) Fundraising! Have an idea of how you could support B2H and provide housing for homeless single mothers?

Host a Dinner party, organize a neighborhood dog washing event, pledge your Special Day!  Your Birthday!

Bring your fundraising vision to life and give a homeless single mother the stability of a safe and stable home at The Bridge to Hope.  We are here to support you every step of the way.

Now, show the world your passion!

3 steps to create your Do It Yourself Fundraiser:




Get started by clicking the Red button below.

Spread the word and invite your family and friends to support your fundraiser.

Raise funds to end homelessness One Family at a Time.

With Do It Yourself Fundraising, the opportunities are unlimited.  You bring your fundraising vision to life. You can decide how to engage your friends, family members, and those around you. Be creative and show everyone your mission to help end homelessness One Family at a Time. Start fundraising today.


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