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Invest in their future.


The Bridge to Hope Capital Campaign

The importance of a home.

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Goal by 2027

Monthly Goal

Would you pledge towards our campaign to reach $500,000 over the next four years?

We look for pledges to reach $10,000 monthly.  It would be accomplished with:

$25/month – 100 people
$50/month – 50 people
$100/month – 50 people

Can we count on you to help us reach our goal of $500,000 in the next four years?  Moving us from renting to investing in our future so we may invest in theirs?

Something Big Starts Here!

The importance of a home.

A Home

Providing a home is one of the pillars of The Bridge to Hope program.  A home where a mother can learn God’s will for her life and begin to live this purpose.  A home allows the seeds to take root from attending church and receiving guidance from their mentoring church team.   

No More Renting

The campaign aims to raise funds to purchase our own property, allowing us to avoid costly rental fees for our ministry’s housing needs. By owning our own space, we can invest more resources directly into our mission, rather than into landlords’ pockets.

Why Now

Our rent has tripled in less than ten years.  In 2019, the rent increased by 44%.  The cost of housing our mothers is our largest budget item.  The current cost is over $100,000 a year and growing.

Will You Support Us

We ask you to engage in our Capital Campaign, over and above the necessary support to continue the current ministry.   

Impact Our Future.
Impact Their Future.

It brings us great joy when a mother recognizes her worth in Christ and raises her children in a Godly home. Thank you for valuing providing a Christian housing program for mothers to turn to in times of crisis. The Bridge to Hope appreciate your compassion and commitment for homeless single mothers.

Happening Now

Giving our Bridge Kids the security they deserve

The children of the B2H moms will not wake up on Father's Day with a dad in the house.  Some of them have never seen their father or know who he is.  What they do know is that they have mothers who will build their community to love and support them. However, because...

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Celebrating Moms!

No one ever wants to be homeless.  No one ever wants to be without hope.   Mothers want the best for their children.  Mothers want to give them a safe home.  Mothers want to let their children know they are loved and valued.  Bridge Mothers want this for themselves,...

New growth is visible in God’s handiwork

God’s handiwork is visible in the new growth of His creation!  He celebrates life in the flowers that bloom! At The Bridge to Hope, we see new life every day.  The moms are growing in their ability to make decisions honoring to God and about their future. The children...

See, I am doing a new thing!

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing! Thank you for providing for a legacy of mothers having the opportunity to enter a Christian housing program, The Bridge to Hope, where they can grow, learn, and provide for their...

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$30,253 Raised

Capital Campaign

The Bridge to Hope has served homeless single mothers in the Phoenix area for over ten years.
Dedicated to promoting homeless single mothers’ physical and spiritual well-being through the
dignity of work. Since 2011, The Bridge to Hope has…

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This was the property that Ashley and Amy started to dream and pray for.

Having a permanent home will create a sense of purpose and peace, an anchor for our families.”

- Jane Kilburn

Our Partners & Sponsors

  • Faith Bible Church
  • La Casa de Cristo Church
  • Phoenix Bible Church
  • Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
  • The Bridge Church

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