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No one ever wants to be homeless.  No one ever wants to be without hope.  

Mothers want the best for their children.  Mothers want to give them a safe home.  Mothers want to let their children know they are loved and valued.  Bridge Mothers want this for themselves, too.

At The Bridge to Hope, we have moms in all stages of growth and working towards their goals of becoming all God designed them to be.  

You allow mothers to learn to hope and pursue their goals. 

One Bridge mom has finished her education and is job searching; we are prayerful that the Lord will lead her to employment that will provide for her family as a single parent.

Another mother is nearing the end of her vocational training, a program that will help her get a great job to support herself and her son.

Our newest Bridge mom is working on her GED to enable her to begin her education for the work she wants to do.

We are anticipating another mom or perhaps two who will soon begin their journey with The Bridge to Hope that you make available.

We dream of the day we will have our own property instead of paying the large amount to the apartment complex owners each month.

Our Capital Campaign amount is growing because of those who give over and above the operating expenses each month, but we need more to step forward and commit to supporting our dream.

We ask that you consider becoming a monthly supporter of The Bridge to Hope.  Provide mothers with a home where they can dream of a future free from homelessness.  And you allow us to dream as a ministry. 

In May, we join you in celebrating Mother’s Day and the mothers in your life!

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