The Bridge to Hope is a qualified Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program.
QCO Code: 20458



Tax Credit Program

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit!  When you donate to The Bridge to Hope you receive a dollar-for-dollar TAX CREDIT on your Arizona State Taxes.

Arizona tax payers can now lower their tax liability and support The Bridge to Hope.  The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit allows you to donate $400 per individual or $800 per married couple filing jointly to to a qualified non-profit, like The Bridge to Hope.

Contributions decrease your tax bill, or increase your refund dollar for dollar donated to The Bridge to Hope.

Donate Today Online! Or mail your contribution to The Bridge to Hope.

Financial Giving

Give hope and a home to a single mother by mailing a check or contributing with your credit card.

All you have to do is have a willing heart!


The Bridge to Hope
1815 W. Missouri Avenue, #105
Phoenix, AZ 85015

PayPal Giving Fund

100% of donations made on this site go to worthy causes, like The Bridge to Hope.
Learn the essential facts every donor should know.

IRA Charitable Rollover

Are your RMD’s causing more taxable income?

Congress has extended the IRA charitable Rollover and made it permanent.  If you are
70 1/2 or older, you can make a gift from your IRA account to help support the ministry of The Bridge to Hope and satisfy your required minimum distribution.

Gifts made from your IRA (up to $100,000 this year) are not reportable as taxable income.  They also qualify for your required minimum distribution (RMD) which can lower you income and taxes.

Bridge to Hope

Bridge to Hope
1815 W. Missouri Ave #105
Phoenix, AZ

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The Bridge to Hope, Inc.

A Transformational Housing Ministry for homeless single mothers.

Address: 1815 W. Missouri Ave #105
Phoenix, Arizona 85015

Phone: 602.589.5556 (Phone & Fax)

Business Hours: 8:30a-3:00p M-F, or by Apointment

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