What is a Graduation at The Bridge to Hope?  We like to think of it as the not so small task of exiting homelessness, and entering the next step of responsibility, independence and providing for your family as a single parent–task.

This month we celebrated a Graduation.  Franchon achieved her goals and moved into a home she is providing for her family.  Prior to The Bridge to Hope her family was living at a local shelter in our community, unemployed, and notably on her own.

Bethany Bible Church has been there since the beginning of this young mother’s journey.  A home was created prior to her arrival, they picked her up from the shelter and began the task of nurturing, encouraging and guiding her daily.  Collectively her Bridge Team and her church family from BBC prayed for her and her young children.  She was notable no longer on her own.

The Bethany team share an account that made them laugh and consider the profound job they have as mentors.  Once a month Bridge mothers hosts their mentoring team in their home for a “Bridge Dinner”.  Typically, along with food, there is a time of sharing and prayer.  One evening Franchon’s team asked how they could pray for her.  Several requests were made, and Steve, a mentor from BBC, asked “who would like to start our praying?”  Everyone in the room was pleasantly surprised when Franchon’s young son, who did not appear to be engaged in the going’s on, volunteered to pray.  He proceeded to include all requested prayers.

The impact of our mentors is often unknown, but we trust that building a relationship with a young mother in crisis, standing with her with encouraging words, with prayers, is important and life-changing.

We extend to each of our partnering churches a sincere ‘Thank You’ for your commitment to The Bridge to Hope.  You ensuring those experiencing homelessness not only receive a safe home, but a faith community to provide the hope she needs to change her life, and the lives of her children.

If you would like to get your church involved in this Kingdom work, ending homelessness One Family at a Time, call The Bridge today.

Together we are ending homelessness One Family at a Time.

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