The song, “My Heavenly Father watches over me” keeps coming to my mind.

The children of B2H moms usually do not have a father who watches over them or their mother.

However, it is a beautiful sight to watch the men of our B2H church teams, watch over the children of our B2H moms.

So often the children come running to the men on the team whenever they come together.

Often the women of the team smile as the children run past them and jump into the arms of the men.

We are so thankful for the couples on the teams.  The children have the longing for the protection, strength, and a protector watching over them, that they sense in the strength of the arms of the men.

Often the tears are wiped away, after a small mishap, by the men on the team.

We invite you to become a protector, providing for the children at The Bridge to Hope by ensuring they have safe and stable housing by becoming a donor or having your church become involved by sponsoring a mother.

Become involved today.  Give The Bridge to Hope a call.

Happy Father’s Day to all our Volunteers and Mentors!  YOU are ending homelessness!

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