We are the hands God uses to hold the hurting.
We are the feet that help carry the loads that are too heavy.
We are the tangible manifestation of the compassionate
heart of our Father.
You and I are the expression of God’s love on this earth.
Florence Littauer

Florence Littauer has beautifully expressed what we are called to do as Christians.  Because you are giving of yourself in a very tangible way when you give the resources God has given to you, to The Bridge to Hope, these beautiful words describe you.

You, indeed, are holding the hands of the hurting and expressing God’s love and helping to carry the heavy loads of the moms who have trusted B2H to help them.

We cannot remove the pain that has taken root in their hearts, but we can hold them and help them experience the love of Jesus, who can help them live through and beyond their pain.

We cannot remove the heavy loads that they carry, but we can stand beside and put our hands out to help carry that load and help them put it in the hands of Jesus as He walks beside them.

Thank you for making it possible for the love of Jesus to be made known to these moms who look to you and the others at B2H who give them a chance for a new life and hope for the future.

May you be richly blessed because of your blessing to others.

To become involved in the ministry of The Bridge to Hope, call today.

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