We are now living in the age of the “selfie”. People want to record every incident of their lives to show they were there. These are not usually the kinds of pictures one frames and keeps on shelves around the house to remind us. In our home, we have pictures of our family at various stages of our lives or important events.  Today these photographs are more treasured than ever. Yes, and they are proof that our children did look like that at one time in their life, often to their embarrassment. Maybe your home is like ours.

However, at The Bridge to Hope, we are working with mothers who have not had that luxury. For most of them these important stages of their lives and the lives of their family went unrecorded. These stages were more characterized by homelessness, wondering where they were going to sleep that night, the fogged mind trapped in the lifestyle of a drug addict, begging for food and for money for the drug that would make them help them “escape” from their situation.  Perhaps even worse, having their children taken away from them.

Now, as part of The Bridge to Hope, they are no longer dependent on drugs or alcohol, reunited with their children, have the security of their own home, and are in the process of getting a job that will adequately support their family. More than that most of them have come to know the Lord and have a hope for the future. There is a joy and confidence that they have never truly known. This is a great time for a family photo!

Recently we were informed that a professional photographer who attends Bethany Bible Church has heard of this situation and has volunteered to come and photograph our Bridge mothers. Now each family will have something to remember this important stage of their lives. Praise the Lord for this volunteer.

Without volunteers, there would be no Bridge to Hope. There are countless ways to volunteer!  Volunteer to mentor a mother, work with our children in the Child Enrichment Ministry, or If you feel that you could do something, or anything, just let us know. Like this photographer, it may make a big difference in the lives of our mothers.  Click here to Get Involved!

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