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Last weekend was a great reminder of the power of Volunteerism.  The Bridge to Hope ministry is dedicated to assisting homeless single mother and their children.  Our goal is to help them find their way back to a full life based on faith and founded on the principle that all people have potential.    

The Bridge to Hope ministry could not exist without a squadron of volunteers whom God commissions to fulfill His purpose of service.  Our Sponsoring churches include various denominations coming together to serve as one mighty body, always with Christ at the head.

 On February 23rd, a group of 30 passionate and compassionate mentors met to discuss and learn about two major issues…how do we, as volunteers, display and receive appreciation, and how do we come to a greater understanding of ourselves and others as we communicate.

 A presentation for The Bridge was developed by HPISolutions, an organization dedicated to the development of the individual and organizational potential.  The training was hosted at the beautiful Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Phoenix.  We were led to focus on the five key elements of a love language for volunteers: acts of service, quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, and tangible gifts.  Our group explored the five key factors of demonstrating appreciation for the Bridge families and each other.    

 The second half of the presentation focused on compelling interactions of discoveries through the power of the behavioral science known as DISC, understanding what strengths and challenges each person has in their individual styles, as well as the behavioral makeup of the volunteer team.  In other words, an indispensable tool to learn not only our preferred vehicles of communication but others we work so closely with.

We walked away with a reaffirmation of treating each other with as much care, love, and patience as we tirelessly provide to the families we serve.  To love one another as He has loved us is a command so we may model Christ’s love to our Bridge families.  So they may witness His glory and transformational power that we have graciously received.

 We thank our expert facilitators from HPISolutions, Laura Dillingham – Executive Strategic Partner; Carol Burnett-Vest – Alliance Partner; and Jerry Houston, Founder, and Chairman, for leading this volunteer learning day. 

If you want to know how you can get involved in the work of The Bridge to Hope, reach out; we would love to take your call!  Learn more about HPISolutions at https://hpisolutions.com/

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