I am so grateful God directed me to this mission.  It truly has been a blessing to me.  It gave me a purpose at a time when I was struggling to make sense of things in my own life between my boys and their dad.  I’ve always felt like I was born to be a mother and with the separation and having to split time with my boys it was difficult for me to reconcile being that mother without my children. 

The Bridge has given me new purpose and perspective.  These mothers, fighting to get their children and learning to care for themselves as well all learning to find their purpose in God.  It renews me. The time I get to spend with the kids is so precious to me.  It’s so amazing to see Gods love in action and to be able to be a part.     Brandi, B2H Volunteer

As you celebrate Mother’s Day this year, make your mom proud by helping a mother in need.  It takes about $35 a day, or $1,050 a month to provide for the needs of a mother and her children.  Every dollar helps us transition a courageous mother from homelessness to wholeness.  While we appreciate one-time donations of any amount, regularly monthly pledges simplify our ability to care for the families under our care on an on-going basis.

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