Sometimes being a Bridge mentor requires only the act of sending a simple text

A Bridge to Hope mother is fighting for the privilege to parent her two young children.  Unfortunately, because of an unhealthy lifestyle, they were removed by the State.  She fights to not only reclaim her life, she is now fighting to be the mother to her children.

In her efforts to change her life and her circumstances, she entered The Bridge to Hope.  A member of her team from Faith Bible Church provided hope through a simple text.  FBC’s Bridge mom was preparing for a severance trial.  At this severance trial all her past mistakes and failures would be on display.  However, earlier that week The Bridge to Hope had a fundraiser with beautiful center pieces created by Sallie Jarboe and this Bridge Mother.  The text this mentor sent with a photo of the handmade center piece simply stated, “each day when I sit at my desk and see this beautiful creation, I will pray for you”.

We do not know what the courts will decide in the future of this young family, but what this mother is receiving is love, support and compassion.

If you would like your church to sponsor a homeless single mother, and you would like to be a part of a mentoring team that gives love, encouragement and support you simply just need to call The Bridge to Hope.

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