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Thank you, Lord for saving my soul
Thank you, Lord for making me whole
Thank you Lord for giving to me
Thy great salvation so rich and free.


This song comes to mind as we think of Thanksgiving.

This song can be true for The Bridge moms because of you.

Each Bridge Mom came to The Bridge to Hope because they were seeking, for many seeking to be made whole.  Many of them had fragmented lives when they were addicted to drugs or just aimlessly drifting, trying to find stability in their lives.  You make it possible for the ministry of The Bridge to Hope to be there.

You make it possible for the moms to experience freedom and dignity.  Freedom from their hurtful past.  Dignity through employment.  You provide the opportunity to get the education they need to be equipped to get a good, sustainable job to support themselves and their children and exit homelessness.

They are experiencing a loving support church team that encourage them in the effort it takes to change their lives.

When you sing this song, please pray for the moms you are supporting; when they sing this song this year, they sing it with great thankfulness.

We invite you to get involved and thank you if you already have.  Not sure how you can contribute?  Reach out to The Bridge to Hope for more information on how you can impact the lives of the moms and their children.  It will be an experience that will greatly impact and bless your life.

 Support The Bridge to Hope this Thanksgiving by attending The Journey to Hope Dinner and Silent Auction
Thursday, November 16th.
Unable to attend – register as a Virtual Bidder!

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