We think of June as the beginning of summer.  For our moms at The Bridge to Hope, it is the beginning of new possibilities and an exciting month for several of them.  Two of our Bridge Moms are beginning vocational training.  When they complete their course of study, they will be prepared to become employed in a job that will enable them to support themselves and their children.

Thank you for your part in making it possible for them to have this opportunity. 

The moms with school-aged children have the opportunity to spend time with their children.  Bridge Moms have a summer to engage with their children to continue learning during this break time from school.  Because you have contributed to the security these moms feel because they are in a safe and encouraging environment, they have the energy and time to encourage their children to continue growing and learning.

As summer begins in Phoenix, the moms at The Bridge to Hope will still feel the heat as they walk to the bus or light rail, but they know that you have made it possible for them to come home to their cooled apartment where they are safe.  This hasn’t always been the experience for many of them before they came to the transformational ministry of The Bridge to Hope.

If you want to learn how to become involved at with The Bridge to Hope, give us a call. 

Thank you for making The Bridge to Hope possible for Bridge Moms and Bridge Kids.  You are Ending Homelessness One Family at a Time.

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