Sponsor a Family this Mother’s Day
                 Give Hope and a Home to a Single Mother this Mother’s Day

Mothers Day was created as a way to honor each mother singularly, so people could go home and spend time with their mother and thank her for all she did.  What an honorable thing to consider.

For some mothers, it’s hard to feel honored when you’re homeless with your children.  Mom is dealing with so much guilt and shame, and feels surrounded by periods of profound stress and helplessness.

The situation seems hopeless, and it would be, if she tried to do it alone.  Thankfully, she reached out to The Bridge to Hope for help.  If accepted into our program, she is provided shelter for the family, while we put plans in place to meet their mental and spiritual needs too.

As you celebrate Mother’s Day this year, make your mom proud by helping a mother in need.  It takes about $35 a day, or $1,050 a month to provide for the needs of a mother and her children.  Every dollar helps us transition this wonderful family from homelessness to wholeness.  While we appreciate one-time donations of any amount, regularly monthly pledges simplify our ability to care for the families under our care on an on-going basis.

The Bridge to Hope is a transitional housing ministry serving homeless, single mothers and their children.  We connect single mothers with the faith community to overcome homelessness, one family at a time.

The Bridge to Hope is a registered 501c3 in the state of Arizona.  Your donations are tax-deductible gifts to our ministry.

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