It is moments like this when The Bridge to Hope thanks Jesus for the privilege and honor of witnessing what takes place!

Our newest mother had been living from place to place with her sons.  The boys have been gathering change from the ground and giving it to her “for their new home”.  La Casa de Cristo made the dream of a home come true!  What was prepared was a beautiful home for a sweet little family as the LCdC mentors welcomed them with open arms.

God is at work and we are grateful to each faith community that takes a step of faith to join Him in His work.

If you would like your faith community to end homelessness One Family at a Time, call The Bridge to Hope today.

Join us at our upcoming Open House 10 AM – Noon, Saturday March 7, 2020 at 1815 W. Missouri Avenue, #105, Phoenix, AZ 85015 — Learn how the Lord can use you, your faith community or business to transform the life of a homeless single mother!  Find us on Facebook!

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