Most moms expect to be with their baby on Mother’s Day. But for one of our B2H moms, it was a blessing that she wasn’t sure would be possible a month ago.

She came to The Bridge to Hope with the hope of having her 5-month old baby with her for the first time. The baby was removed at birth because she tested positive for drugs. A mother yearns to be able to hold her newborn daughter and care for her. This mom was no different.  She was allowed to hold her for just a few hours at the hospital and then only a few hours each week.

That all changed shortly after she came to B2H. She was able to have her baby girl with her overnight in her new apartment the first time, then she was returned to her to keep.

This past Mother’s Day was a day of joy, as mom and baby girl spent the day together, knowing that someone will not be coming to take her away.

There is a brother, who is a year older than his baby sister who still visits just 4 hours a week.  We are trusting God that before long, he too, will be with his mom every day, and not have to be taken away after the visit.

We are prayerful with the Lord’s grace, next Mother’s Day he will be there to celebrate the day with his mom and sister.

Please pray for each of The Bridge to Hope moms and thank the Lord that they were able to celebrate the day with their children, as precious gifts from God to them.

And if your faith community would like to sponsor a homeless mother, and give her the gift of a home where she can raise her children –be as courageous as she is, step out in faith and partner with The Bridge to Hope to offer her transformational housing.  One Church, One Family.

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