All of us feel the effects of this broken world, and most of us have been shaped, or should I say mis-shaped, by less than ideal circumstances in our past. In response to these, we may have made bad choices of our own, for instance, to hold a grudge, or to react in anger, or to withdraw. The result is usually that we are carrying around some unwanted emotional and spiritual “baggage.” Another way of looking at this is that we have heart wounds or even hidden “cancers”.

It’s no surprise that our Bridge moms have often experienced this. Whether they’ve lived 19 years or nearer to 35, most of them have had significant inner hurt. This might work itself out in various ways, such as: anxiety, depression, quick temper, distrust, etc.  Doesn’t a conversion experience take care of this, you ask?  It’s a good start, but there are usually some deep – down things that are not dealt with. Even church attendance, Bible studies, participating in a recovery group, and experiencing the love of their church team often don’t reach the very deep places.

B2H is always looking for ways to help our mothers more deeply and more effectively.  The leaders saw that a ministry called Mending the Soul would have great potential for this. This ministry originated in Arizona several years ago and has been used successfully by a number of churches. After months of praying, consulting and waiting for a facilitator, Mending the Soul  (MTS) for Bridge moms has become a reality.

Since early February, the present mothers have had the privilege of taking part in this group counseling program. One evening a week they meet with experienced facilitators. On their own they do workbook exercises that point them to the Word of God and help them explore their own inner lives. In the group time, they share their stories and find acceptance and love from sympathetic peers. They learn that if past pain/abuse/wounding is repressed or “stuffed,” it remains within, doing its secret damage. It’s almost like a cancer. If it is brought out into the light, however, God and his truth can work to disinfect and heal.

This may well be a painful and difficult process. If they determine to work through it, cooperate and persevere over the 12-15 week period, it can make a huge difference in their lives. Most participants find new freedom, peace and healing.  One important factor in insuring that this happens for our Bridge moms is the prayer support of people who are committed to interceding. Will you be one of these? Pray that the moms will be vulnerable, willing to share, disciplined in doing their workbooks, and able to give and receive love.  Pray for God’s healing touch on their hearts and lives.

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