A team member shared an experience this past Sunday with her Bridge Mom during the service at Faith Bible Church.

The message was from the book of Ruth and FBC’s Bridge Mom whispered during Pastor Wade’s explaining how God’s providence is always there, and it gets activated by our prayers to send His blessings into our lives, “that is just like The Bridge to Hope!” As Pastor Wade continued explaining how Boaz provided for Ruth, the connection continued to be made for our Bridge Mom.  Pastor continued to share today that “we understand our lives in reverse even though we live them forward, that trials from our past will make sense in our future as we look back and see what God was doing.” Our Bridge Mom nodded in agreement.

There are powerful moments when the church reaches out to help a mother in crisis learn she is valuable to God.  If you would like to learn how your faith community can be a part of helping a mother not only exit homelessness but truly heal and become whole, contact The Bridge to Hope today.  Or want to learn more, join us at The Journey to Hope.

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