Dear Friends of The Bridge to Hope,

Each year you look forward to attending The Journey to Hope to witness what your support provides.

You may be feeling disappointed you won’t experience a delicious turkey dinner provided by the Matthew 25 Project.

You may be saddened you are unable to explore the amazing surprises our community contributed toward the Silent Auction.

Although you will be unable to share all these wonderful experiences at The Journey to Hope, it is clear:

God continues to restore the lives of homeless single mothers because of you.

This year we invite you to generously support The Bridge to Hope.

We invite you to watch Leah’s account of a life transformed from loss to abundance.

God is still working in the lives of young mothers because you are providing a home for a mother in need.

The mothers in The Bridge to Hope are thankful for those who continue to make it possible for them to receive a home, be surrounded by mentors from a local church, and learn their value in Christ.

Thank you for joining us online


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