I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love which Christ Jesus our Lord shows us.

Romans 8:38-39 (God’s Word Translation)

We witness beauty and transformation each day at The Bridge to Hope.  We stand with you as you share your hope and love in Christ in transforming the lives of mothers that have seen the harder side of life.  You provide this hope and love to the homeless moms who trust The Bridge to guide them.

Thank you for choosing to support the ministry of The Bridge to Hope.  You enable young mothers to get off the streets, get back on their feet and have a stable, safe home for themselves and their children.

At this year’s closing, we look back at a few of our Bridge families and rejoice in all God has restored through you.

  • Ashley was hired on at The Bridge to Hope as Peer Support. After watching numerous graduates enter this field with other agencies, this position has been a desire for our ministry as we witness our Graduates make a profound impact on their community.  We are honored that Ashley chose to work at The Bridge to Hope and make her ministry helping other Bridge moms.
  • Angela, lost in her addiction for 18 years and homeless for eight years, came to The Bridge with her son, Sol. We have watched Sol go from a tender infant into a toddler with an exuberance for life.  Angela completed Electronic Health Records Certification and Peer Support training.  Today she is a Recovery Coach, mentoring and supporting others.  Moving from being on the streets for eight years to engaging in the dignity of work is truly an accomplishment.  Angela is a mother living a life for her son and learning to live life for herself.
  • Rochelle fought hard for her sobriety and her son. She entered The Bridge solely to have her son returned to her from the foster care system.  In her choice of sobriety, she not only earned the right to parent her son, but she also obtained her high school diploma.  Rochelle has the grit and tenacity we get to watch unfold each day as her hard work is beginning to reveal a future.  She has completed the classroom portion of the Medical Assistant program and will begin her externship at a nearby doctor’s office.  Next year we look forward to Rochelle giving her gift of her unrelenting work ethic.
  • Shepherd of the Valley has received three moms since joining The Bridge to Hope in 2019. They had their hearts broken when they were given glimpses into the former lives of these moms: pasts that were marked by childhood neglect and abuse, the living hell of addictions, homelessness, prostitution, and crime.  When a team sees the pull of those past lives drag one of our moms out of this program and back to their old lives, we all despair no more than their team.  We just don’t get it.  How can anyone walk away from the love and safety of her Bridge family to return to the false glitter of that past they had escaped?  God has surely gifted this team with Brandy.  Brandy yearns to grow her faith and works hard to overcome a past lifestyle that stole so much from her.  She obtained her GED and today is working diligently to learn Medical Administration to provide for her daughter as a single parent.  It truly feels as if the Lord led Brandy to the SOV team.
  • At The Journey to Hope, we celebrate The Bridge to Hope’s long-term and generational impact. Rebecca entered after serving a jail sentence for a felony offense.  She was facing losing her young son to adoption.  She feared history repeating itself.  Today she has worked at the same employer since graduating The Bridge to Hope as a Peer Support.  This year she became a homeowner and is raising her son, living her life for Christ.
  • The Bridge to Hope could not reach the mothers without volunteers willing to give their time to the ministry of The Bridge to Hope. In 2022 we welcomed four new volunteers!

 As you show your love for God through the care and support of single moms and their children, you are offering them an opportunity to change their path.  What a gift; their children may not remember what it was like to be homeless.

If you have already sent an end-of-the-year gift, Thank You.

Your impact of giving to The Bridge to Hope has offered hope and a home to homeless single mothers and children this year.  We thank you for your support and monthly giving to The Bridge to Hope.  If you are not giving monthly, we prayerfully request you consider The Bridge to Hope in your year-end giving.

The Bridge to Hope is also a qualified charitable organization to receive your Tax Credit.  Tell the State of Arizona you want to provide Hope and a Home for a mother in crisis and direct your tax dollars to The Bridge to Hope.  The moms will be so thankful as they go forward with a safe place to live and a team of volunteers to love them.

We are prayer you had a Christ-filled Christmas and a Happy New Year,

The Bridge to Hope family

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