Since our ‘Bridge Kids’ often don’t have a daddy to play with them and hug them, it is so special to see the little ones light up with big smiles and run to the “Grandpas” on our B2H church team.

It is amazing to see how the four men on our team respond to the 2½ year old boy and 1½ year old girl as they run up to them to be picked up.  The Grandmas stand there and smile as the little ones usually run to their “Grandpa”.

Often team members are not close to their grandchildren or don’t have grandchildren, so they are delighted to be able to share their love with the Bridge Kids.

Being one of 8-10 people on a B2H church team may not seem to be so important to those who stand by and see this group of people surrounding a young mom and her two young children, but these children have the security of knowing that they can depend upon each one of these adults to love and cherish them.

The other day I was telling our B2H mom which team members would be picking them up for church on Sunday.  Her response was, “O it doesn’t matter who it is, I know someone will be there to pick us up.”

Just as the little ones go running to “Grandpa” to be picked up, they have the security of knowing that one of them will always be there for them, when their own natural father is not able to be there.

On Father’s Day, it is so great blessing our B2H kids can look to a man in their live who loves them and supports them in many of the activities of their lives.

Our prayer is that there will be more people who will be willing to share their love with a mom and her children, so more little ones will have the security and love that our present B2H kids enjoy.

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