Crystal, a mother mentored by La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church knew she wanted to make a positive change for her family and future and she knew she had to start with herself.  Her two-year journey through The Bridge to Hope culminated in April 2014, when a graduation dinner was hosted in her honor celebrating her transformation from homelessness to wholeness.

Crystal completed Peer Support training, and has maintained employment with a local community provider serving those in need of support and encouragement for positive change since The Bridge to Hope was her home.  She has joined them on the path to wellness through the support of someone who has been where they are, and trains others joining her in the mission.

Today Faith Bible Church is mentoring our a Bridge Mom, Quiella.  Quiella recently completed Peer Support training with the same agency Crystal completed, and today is employed with.  Crystal lead Quiella in learning the art of loving and serving others on their path of recovery.  Quiella’s goal is to also work in the field of encouragement and healing.

The employment our mothers frequently choose does not only provide for their family as a single parent but positively impacts our community in powerful ways.

We are grateful for your ongoing support that enables mothers to find their path for personal healing and to use their journey to help others.

If you would like to become involved in The Bridge to Hope ministry with your faith community by mentoring a mother, and be a part of helping a mother move from homelessness to wholeness, call today.  You can learn more by visiting our website by clicking this link.

We are also accepting volunteers to join us in this Kingdom Work, call or click here to learn more.

If you would like to meet us, join us at our upcoming Open House Saturday, October 24th.

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