Earlier this month we celebrated the graduation of a mother from The Bridge to Hope.  The Bridge to Hope team from Bethany Bible Church celebrated the graduation of another mother. This is an evening where we feel the presence of our Lord!  Although they were celebrating success, they were keenly aware that these victories come hard.  Looking back over the years we see that the first family Bethany Bible Church served was in 1991, this family reportedly “disqualified” and the record tells us that this family “moved on”.  Over the years Bethany Bible has served 22 homeless families.  21 homeless single mothers, and one single dad.  The success rate they experienced of those who successfully completed the program and “graduated” is only 23%.  I am certain those involved with Bethany would provide a different account, that of 100%, in that 100% had an opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus and 100% were worth it.

Kayla, this new graduate is one of those families.  Before entering the Bridge program, she was in a treatment facility.  She had entered to regain sobriety, and get off the path of destruction that she’d been on for years.  Her children’s father had been sent to prison and she herself was struggling with an addiction that caused her two young children to be removed and placed into Foster Care.

In April 2016 Kayla stepped forward rather reluctantly into something she I am certain didn’t want, and that was The Bridge to Hope.  But she stepped forward for the love of her children and the hope they would not only be returned to her but to (I am quoting Kayla’s application) she would be “an example for them”.  Since then she has worked hard and patiently to achieve this, and much more. The Bethany Bible team of about ten people was with her all the way, praying for her, encouraging her, scolding her on occasion, but loving on her all the way. On the night Kayla, the Bethany Team, and the whole Bridge to Hope organization joyfully celebrated Kayla’s accomplishments together.

I want to thank Bethany Bible for believing in the value of One Church One Family, believing in the church taking a vested interest in the life of a homeless single mother, sharing the Love of Christ, and helping her exit homelessness.  Together we believe we can end homelessness One Family at a Time.

However, it was not just the Bethany Bible team’s success only. They were a part of a larger team and a most vital one which included so many of you that prayed, gave, and encouraged. Without that wider team Kayla’s graduation would not have occurred. We thank you for your part in making this happen, so that a homeless family is no longer homeless, children are no longer motherless, and is now employed, in her own home, driving her own car, and enjoying being a family that is restored and blessed of the Lord.

If you belong to a church, and would like to sponsor a homeless single mother, please contact The Bridge to Hope.

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