Webster’s dictionary says a volunteer is a person who enters or offers to enter into any service of his own free will.

Those who serve the ministry of The Bridge to Hope give selflessly–each freely giving of themselves above and beyond what is often expected.

Those that serve with our Child Enrichment Ministry give above and beyond– for they give their heart.

Kimberly and Brandi are two volunteers who do just that, they are warriors for our Bridge Kids.  They alternate coming to care for the children while their moms are in Bible Study on Monday evenings or Thursday night dinners so the mothers can enjoy the speaker or activity at our dinners.

When Kim or Brandi are there everyone knows the children are being loved, guided and cared for in a special way.  They get to know each child and they delight in each child.

Collectively they have changed countless diapers.  Or they are on the floor playing games with the older children.  They bring food and feed those who are hungry because their moms have come directly from work.  They have joy in serving Bridge kids, and it shows.  They also invite others to come and share in this joy.  B2H requires that there always be at least two volunteers ministering to the children.  You are invited to come and meet Kim or Brandi and serve with one of them on a Monday evening.  Call the office at 602-589-5556 and register to become a volunteer with them.  You will delight in your experience!

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