As we begin a new year, we look forward to a year full of possibilities.  For Bridge mothers, their possibilities start when they enter The Bridge to Hope, a chance to begin again.

This new year is exciting for one of our Bridge moms.  She graduated at the end of 2020, and in 2021 she began her new journey in her home, a home she is providing for her family as a single parent.  To The Bridge to Hope, Graduation has many meanings.  It means completing goals, healing, and growing as an individual and as a family, and most importantly, gaining a church family.  For *Grace it was gaining the love and support from Bethany Bible Church.

Graduation at The Bridge to Hope also means a mentoring church team moves a family into their new home.  All the furniture she received when she moved into the Bridge is hers to take with her.  For the children, this move feels different from any other move in the past, for they will still have continuity and familiarity, including their bed and “their stuff”; they will know this move is different and good.

A Bridge Graduation is much like sending one’s child into the world to be responsible for themselves.  We still love and pray for them, we are still a part of their lives, but the new beginning has started.

Each mentoring church, volunteer, and donor joins into the celebration when a mother enters The Bridge to Hope with the hope of something different.  We all celebrate a mother gaining a church family.  Everyone can celebrate a mother’s Graduation as she moves from homelessness to wholeness, living with the dignity of accomplishing goals, and the ability to support herself and her children because each person makes her transformation possible.  This is the ministry of The Bridge to Hope, sharing the transforming love of Christ.  We invite you to join us.

We invite you to join us in ending homelessness One Family at a Time.  Become a sponsoring church, a volunteer, or mentor and make it possible for another homeless single mother to learn all that God wants for them and to learn to trust Him.

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Learn more at our upcoming Open House, 10 AM-Noon, Saturday, March 13th.  We will be opening our doors, answering your questions, and inviting you in!  Click here to learn more!

*Name changed for protection

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