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December 2023

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.
Proverbs 24:3-4

Providing a home is one of the pillars of The Bridge to Hope program.  A home where a mother can learn God’s will for her life and begin to live this purpose.  A home allows the seeds to take root from attending church and receiving guidance from their mentoring church team.   

The Bridge to Hope leases from a large apartment complex.  We are subject to yearly rental increases, and our Bridge moms are subject to living next to the lifestyle they desperately are attempting to leave.  This causes a pull of the former life and a pull toward a future free from the bondage of the past.

An apartment complex in our neighborhood went up for sale.  After Ashley and I found a recovery chip during the tour, the experience left us with the heart to move out of renting and pursue a property where we can invest in the ministry and, in turn, better invest in a mother and her children.

At The Journey to Hope Dinner, we announced our plans to engage in a Capital Campaign.  Our rent has tripled in less than ten years.  In 2019, rent increased by 44%.  The cost of housing our mothers is our largest budget item.  The current cost is over $100,000 a year and growing. 

We ask you to engage in our Capital Campaign, over and above the necessary support to continue the current ministry.  Will you begin giving towards our Capital Campaign in addition to your current support?  Thank you for choosing to support the ministry of The Bridge to Hope.  You enable young mothers to get off the streets, get back on their feet, and have a stable, safe home for themselves and their children. 

At this year’s closing, we looked back at a few of our Bridge families and rejoice in all God has restored through you.

  • Angela, lost in her addiction for 18 years and homeless for eight years, came to The Bridge to Hope with her son, Sol. We have watched Sol go from a tender infant into a toddler, exuberant for life.  Angela completed Electronic Health Records Certification and Peer Support training.  Today, she is a Recovery Coach, mentoring and supporting others.  Moving from being on the streets for eight years to engaging in the dignity of work is truly an accomplishment.  In January, Angela moved into a beautiful apartment she provides for her and her son, Sol.  Thank you, Faith Bible for supporting Angela.        
  • Rochelle fought hard for sobriety and to regain custody of her son, Harvey. Living in recovery, she completed high school and medical assistant training, securing employment at a local doctor’s office.  In May of this year, Rochelle moved into an apartment she provides as a single parent.  She has not stopped her unrelenting work ethic.  This year, she also began her associate degree in Healthcare Administration.  Above all, Rochelle was baptized and dedicated Harvey to the Lord, and her team from The Bridge Church witnessed her outward expression of faith.  It is beautiful when a mother submits her will to the Lord and seeks His direction.  If you desire to join The Bridge team in supporting their next mother, contact The Bridge Church today.
  • We celebrated The Bridge to Hope’s long-term and generational impact at The Journey to Hope dinner and Silent Auction. Amber was at a shelter not meant for families; after hearing of The Bridge to Hope from a woman who had been at The Bridge 20 years prior, she found us.  Today, she has worked at the same employer since graduating from The Bridge to Hope.  This year, she became a homeowner and is raising her son to be a man of God.  Thank you First Southern Baptist Church of Scottsdale for your ongoing support to offer housing to mothers like Amber.      
  • The next generation is benefiting from a mother’s courage to leave an unhealthy relationship so her sons would not grow up with violence and chaos.  This courage was the catalyst for Michelle’s sons to grow into Godly men.  Nathan, a ‘Bridge Kid’ (now an adult), was our MC at J2H; he reflected on how the men at The Bridge influenced him greatly.     
  • Both Crystal and Brooke learned of their unplanned pregnancies under different circumstances. They both chose life and turned to The Bridge to Hope, receiving love and support from La Casa de Cristo and Faith Bible, two churches that believe in standing with mothers who choose life.
  • The Bridge to Hope could not reach the mothers without volunteers willing to give their time to the ministry of The Bridge to Hope. We are thankful for the volunteers who give tirelessly each year.  In 2023, we welcomed seven new volunteers!  But the year is not over yet!  If you want to join the team of one of these churches who put faith into action, act now.  Contact your church office or give The Bridge to Hope a call.  Now is the time to provide hope and a home to a mother in need of the love of Christ through His people.  Learn more from Katie and Faith click here.

 If you have already sent an end-of-the-year gift, Thank You.

Your impact of giving to The Bridge to Hope has offered hope and a home to homeless single mothers and children.  We thank you for your support and monthly giving.  If you are not giving monthly, we ask you to consider giving monthly to The Bridge to Hope, include us in your year-end giving, and join us in supporting our Capital Campaign.  Please consider how the Lord is leading you to invest in a Bridge mother’s future.  

When you donate to The Bridge to Hope you receive a dollar-for-dollar TAX CREDIT on your Arizona State Taxes.  The maximum QCO credit donation amount for 2023 has increased from last year.  $421 single, married filing separate or head of household; $841 married filing joint.  Click here to participate in AZ Tax Credit.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
The Bridge to Hope Family

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