When you get involved with The Bridge to Hope, a homeless single mother will have an opportunity to change directions in her family’s life, including her children’s.

Michelle entered The Bridge with three young boys.  She committed to providing a future for her family by successfully completing vocational training and fully engaged in all aspects of The Bridge program.  Today she successfully living a full life.  Her boys were given the opportunity to live life with a mom who was working, supporting them, giving them the chance to grow, in a safe and supportive environment.  They were mentored by the team from First Southern Baptist Church Scottsdale.  We say they, because the boys were mentored along with their mom and grew up trusting God and wanting to live for Him.  Now young adults, they are continuing their education becoming successful on their own.  One of her sons is now a teacher in the children’s program at the church that sponsored them, having an opportunity to influence other children in the church that helped bring fullness to his life.

Your gifts not only help bring about healing and encouragement to the moms, but to the next generation.  Michelle’s children have productive and successful lives, because their mom was brave and willing to accept the help that B2H and the church that sponsored her was willing to give.

Will you step forward and meet someone in their courage?

See Michelle share in her own words:

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