You may have heard of Rebecca and her journey.  You may recall that at the end of December of 2014 we received this young mother into our housing ministry.  The Bridge to Hope staff waited for 2 hours outside the Estrella County Jail for her to be released.  More importantly, this young mother waited 8 months for her release, not only from incarceration, but a release from a destructive lifestyle where substances ruled her behavior.  She didn’t know until her last week of her 8 month sentence where she was going, return back to the life she knew, or be accepted into The Bridge to Hope.

When she moved into her new home at The Bridge to Hope, she only had a plastic bag of paperwork and the clothing she was wearing.  This mother may have come with little, but what she received was great.  She received a fully furnished apartment, a mentoring team formed to help her begin to rebuild her life and the hope that is found in Christ.

When she was released from jail in 2014 her son was in foster care.  Within a year’s time she completed Vocational Training and began working as a Peer Support Specialist, whose role was to walk next to others in their recovery.  However, the greatest gift of all came when she received restored custody of her son and had a chance to share her new found faith with him.  She has accepted Christ and her team from La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church nurtures this new relationship by taking them to church each week.

The Bridge to Hope receives no monies from the government, and therefore is thankful to those who with us value having a Christian housing ministry alternative; a ministry where mothers learn to provide for their family, while entering into a Christian fellowship with a local church, and learning their value in Christ while exiting homelessness.

If you would like to learn how to involve your church or if you desire to become a financial supporter, we welcome you to learn more by calling 602-589-5556.

We invite you to experience a Bridge Graduation at our Bridge dinner held 6:30 PM, Thursday, October 6, 2016, located at Bethany Bible Church (6060 N. 7th Avenue, Phoenix.)  RSVP required call or email The Bridge to Hope today.

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