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This Labor Day, we celebrate more than the dignity of employment; we celebrate choosing life!

Crystal, a Bridge mom in her thirties, never desired to be a mother.  She didn’t have a role model of maternal love or protection to know how to be a mother.  Crystal held her first of many jobs at sixteen; she lived with friends or rented rooms from people.  She would take a job and work it until it was no longer fun, or she just wanted a change.  She was single and had no one depending on her; she was a feather in the wind.  Until last year, she was most proud of never being arrested.

This all changed with her beautiful son.

This Bridge mom was at an abortion clinic; she didn’t want to be a mother and thought she had nothing to give a child.  She was outside the clinic waiting.  She said she had been waiting for hours and began bleeding.  By the grace of God, she left that day.  When she got around to returning, it was too late in her pregnancy to get an abortion.  Somewhere along the way, she met the Sisters of Life and Suzanne, a woman from First Way Pregnancy Center.  Suzanne attended a Bridge Open House.  She introduced Crystal to The Bridge to Hope.

Since entering The Bridge to Hope, she has earned her GED and is excited to start vocational training as a welder, a field that can provide for her and her son as a single parent.  She is looking forward to traveling and sharing the world with her son.

You let this mother know she does not walk alone in choosing life.

You made it possible for another mom to prepare herself to enter the workforce and truly celebrate Labor Day.


Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people. 
Colossians 3:23

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