Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.
1 Corinthians 15:58

December 2020 

This year we have experienced as a community and as a nation, trials we have never experienced in our lifetime.

We had our first ever “stay at home order”, what struck me was that without you, our mothers would not have had a home in which to seek refuge.  The biggest impact of COVID is the necessity to stay safe is by distancing from one another.  My thought is that this is, to its very core, counter to our ministry.  Our ministry is a ministry of relationship.  Leaning towards one another, not distancing, socially or otherwise, from one another.

You stood in the gap, providing a home when a home was essential.  The church teams and volunteers continued making contact whenever possible, encouraging and sharing as much as safety allowed.

At the closing of this year, we look back at a few of our Bridge families and rejoice in all God has restored for them, through you.

  • Grace returned to us, having left after being convinced by her family that moving in with family would better allow her to continue her journey out of homelessness. She found herself homeless once again and expecting a second child.  She humbled herself and found the courage to request to return to The Bridge to Hope.  God’s mercies never cease, and her mentoring church team from Bethany Bible Church welcomed her back without judgment.  Today Grace has two healthy sons, has completed her online degree from a university, owns a vehicle, and now works in the social service field with a local non-profit.
  • Syleena moved into The Bridge to Hope on her daughter’s 1st birthday, and this year through the tender love from Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church she celebrates her daughter’s 2nd On this birthday, Syleena is employed, owns a vehicle, and is looking forward to a future free from homelessness.
  • Quiella entered with the conviction to maintain her sobriety, and to provide stability for her two sons. With the support of Faith Bible Church, she now can provide this stability and so much more.  Today she celebrates 1-year sobriety and is actively seeking full-time employment to provide for her children as a single parent.
  • La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church is continuing their legacy of providing a home and hope to a mother in need when they welcomed their mother Ashley.  Pray the Lord will be the center of this relationship of growing, healing and learning.
  • First Southern Baptist Church of Scottsdale have each created a home for a mother to join us. They await to learn who the Lord will lead to them.  When He does, each of these mothers will have an amazing team of mentors willing to walk with her and her children as she navigates from homelessness to wholeness.
  • Serah entered with the hope of being restored with her two young children. Sadly, the courts did not restore her parenting rights.  She left our ministry heartbroken.  Our Lord has tenderly shown her that she needs to live for Him.  She continues to work full time as a Medical Assistant compassionately serving His people.  She now celebrates 42 months’ sobriety.  She shares that she would have given up hope if it were not for her mentoring team from Faith Bible Church.  Please pray with us that she will continue to grow, finding her purpose in being a child of God.
  • Not all mothers stay the course but choose to exit before they are ready, returning to what is known, or what is comfortable, even if it is not healthy. This takes an emotional toll on the Bridge mentors and the sponsoring church.  But we know that God is Sovereign. He is in control and fully aware of the circumstances.  He is also the God of all comfort. God’s timing is not our timing.  We also trust that each day a mother was in the ministry, she was accepted, loved, and above all experienced the unconditional love of Christ shared.  And for a time, her children knew stability.  We give Denise, Stephanie, and Abrianna to you Lord, and pray you will guide them to continue the work that was started in their lives.

This past The Journey to Hope event, although we were not able to join each other in person, enabled us to continue to celebrate the long-term impact The Bridge to Hope has had in the lives of single mothers.  Leah entered primarily hoping to get her young daughter restored to her.  She shares her testimony of now living abundantly because of you and The Bridge to Hope.  For this family, the cycle of homelessness and addiction has ended (we welcome you to view her testimony at

As you show your love for God through the care and support of single moms and their children, you are offering them an opportunity to not be defined by their past, but to trust He will lead them on their journey of hope and a future.

If you have already sent an end of the year gift, Thank You

Your impact of giving to The Bridge to Hope has offered hope and a home to homeless singles mothers and children this year. We thank you for your support and monthly giving to The Bridge to Hope. If you are not giving monthly, we prayerfully ask you consider The Bridge to Hope in your year-end giving.

If you have not donated, please consider including The Bridge to Hope in your Year End Giving.

Remember The Bridge to Hope is a qualified charitable organization (QCO: 20458) able to receive your Arizona Tax Credit donation.  You can end homelessness for a single mom by directing your tax money that is due to the State of AZ to The Bridge To Hope.  Tell the State of Arizona you want to provide Hope and a Home for a mother in crisis, direct your tax dollars to The Bridge to Hope. The moms will be so thankful as they go forward in their lives with a safe place to live and a team of volunteers to love them.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Amy Sue and all at The Bridge to Hope

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