December 2019

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

We witness the beauty He creates at The Bridge to Hope, the beauty of a life transformed.  We stand with you as you share your hope and love in Christ in transforming the lives of mothers that have seen the harder side of life.  Together we share this hope and love with the homeless moms who trust The Bridge to Hope to guide them.

Thank you for choosing to support the ministry of The Bridge to Hope.  You enable young mothers to get off the streets, get back on their feet and have a stable, secure home for themselves and their children.

At the closing of this year, we look back at a few of our Bridge families and rejoice in all God has restored, through you.

  • Serah entered with the hope of being restored with her two young children. We have been in the waiting process with her during this difficult time.  She continues to work full time as a Medical Assistant.  She celebrates 30 months’ sobriety.  She shares she would have given up hope if it were not for her mentoring team from Faith Bible Church.  Please pray with us the Lord sustains this young mother with His peace.
  • Aurora entered with only her infant daughter and the hope of something different. She became employed for the first time in over 4 years. Engaging in the dignity of work is a gift.  La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church celebrated her graduation from The Bridge to Hope this past April.  Her daughter, Naomi, will never remember being homeless, because of you.
  • Franchon a young mother came to us from a local shelter. Her team from Bethany Bible Church provided support and guidance.  She was unemployed and motivated to provide for her family.  She obtained full-time employment and this October graduated from The Bridge to Hope, moving her family into a home she provides for her family.
  • Denise came to us from a local shelter with her school-aged son. Her history of employment was limited to jobs without a future of advancement.  In November she entered a position with the potential of growth in the company.  Denise also chose to be baptized by her sponsoring church First Southern Baptist Church of Scottsdale.
  • The Bridge to Hope community grew this past year as we welcomed Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church. Because of their willingness to create a mentoring team, a young mother was moved into her home at The Bridge to Hope on her daughter’s 1st birthday!  What a gift she is providing her family, a home for the holidays because of the bold step of faith of SOV.
  • This past Journey to Hope, we celebrate the long-term impact The Bridge to Hope has. Michelle entered with three young sons, today these boys are all in college pursuing their future.  One of them is now teaching young children at First Southern Baptist Church of Scottsdale where he was mentored.  The lives of the children are transformed, not just the mom. For this family, the cycle of homelessness has ended.

As you show your love for God through care and support of single moms and their children, you are offering them an opportunity to change their path.  What a gift, their children may not remember what it was like to be homeless.

If you have already sent an end of the year gift, Thank You.

Your impact of giving to The Bridge to Hope has offered hope and a home to homeless singles mothers and children this year. We thank you for your support and monthly giving to The Bridge to Hope. If you have not yet given, we prayerfully request you consider The Bridge to Hope in your year-end giving.

The Bridge to Hope is also a qualified charitable organization to receive your Tax Credit monies.  Tell the State of Arizona you want to provide Hope and a Home for a mother in crisis by directing your tax dollars to The Bridge to Hope. The moms will be so thankful as they go forward in their lives with a safe place to live and a team of volunteers to love them.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Bridge to Hope

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