Those that support The Bridge to Hope financially or through service are a great blessing to all of our community.
The blessing may be when a mother moves into The Bridge to Hope and again years later.

When B2H accepts a mom into the program she receives a home completely furnished ready to receive her and her children.  It isn’t just the mom whose life that has the opportunity to be transformed, it is also the lives of her children.  When a mom and the children graduate they move into a home they choose, they often stay connected with the ministry.  They continue to call for encouragement and guidance from the staff and from their mentoring church team that supported them when they were living in the Bridge apartment.

Twelve years ago, a mom came with 4-month-old twins they were moved in by their team from Bethany Bible.  When they graduated, this same team moved them out of The Bridge into their own apartment, but they have stayed connected and involved with their team and the B2H staff.

Each summer their church team members from Bethany Bible Church brought the girls to VBS.  They have graduated from being participants of VBS to be helpers.  This summer with the guidance of members of their church team, they shared that they had not personally asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior.  That day, with the mentors that brought them to home to The Bridge to Hope when they were 4 months old, they made that decision.

Those that financially support or volunteer sharing the love for God with the ministry of The Bridge to Hope, you have had a part in these two new creations in Jesus Christ.

If you want to be a part of this transformation and give financially to The Bridge to Hope, click here.

If you would like your church to become involved, transforming the life of a mother and her children who have experienced homelessness,  contact The Bridge to Hope today.

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