When you recognize someone’s need, do you act?

Forgiveness 3.27.15

The Gospels tell of a paralytic man who was so incapacitated that all he could do was lie on his bed.  Maybe, if he had strength enough he might be able to sit up for a while. For years this had been his condition.  He couldn’t even stand up, to say nothing about walking. Worse still, he knew that barring an act of God this would be his fate until the day he died. He had no hope.

Then one day four of his neighbors showed up telling him that there was hope.  They had learned of a man named Jesus who could heal people, no matter what their condition. The man probably sighed and thought, “Yeah, what good is that going to do me!”  After all this Jesus was not even in this man’s neighborhood and he had no way to get to Him. Such a great thing was impossible!  It was beyond all hope.

However, though this paralytic had no faith in this matter, his four friends did, and they were willing to put this man on stretcher and carry to wherever Jesus was teaching and ask Him to heal their friend. We are told how this story ended.  The four friends overcame severe hurdles, but they got their friend to Jesus, and Jesus seeing their faith and determination, said to the man, “Son your sins are forgiven.” And then just in case anyone questioned his authority Jesus told the man to pick up his bed and walk. This, the man was very glad to do since he had received from Jesus both forgiveness and healing.

Our ministry and mentors at The Bridge to Hope also believe if a homeless mother can learn about Christ, and begin to learn of her value in Christ, she will be transformed.  However, these mothers have been incapacitated for years by drugs, alcohol, abuse and homelessness. Their hope is almost entirely gone. So B2H takes in these mothers and their children and works with them to build up their faith, hope, and trust in Him and receive the healing that only He can give. At the same time B2H and our mentors seek to enable each mother to further her education, get employed, learn financial literacy and the life skills necessary to exit homelessness.

However, just as the paralytic friends had faith if they could just get him close enough to Jesus, he would be healed, our B2H mentors have this same faith and are prepared to do all they can to bring each mother to Jesus for His healing and restoration.

We are grateful to all our volunteers who step out in faith and partner with The Bridge to Hope.  If you would like to share the healing that comes from Christ with a mother overcoming homelessness, please contact The Bridge to Hope today.


SOS…Spirit of Spring!


After the drab days of winter when so many things look bare and dead, suddenly, almost overnight everything changes. Days get longer and warmer, trees and plants start showing new growth.  With the proper pruning, roses flourish.  Our world becomes filled with color from perennials starting to pop-up, both with efflorescence of color.

Spring is such a wonderful time of the year!

The renewal of these colors of nature gives a sense of renewal in our own lives.  It is no coincidence that we have nature giving us hope for renewal of life as it coincides with Easter.  Easter, we know, is often called the Day of Resurrection. It is the day that Christ rose from the grave, having been crucified on a cross for the sins which brought death into the world. The Day of Resurrection then speaks of new life, new hope, new beauty, and new direction, the real Spring.

Many of us have experienced this new life personally when we came into the New Life that Christ provided through His Death and Resurrection.  Through the ministry of The Bridge to Hope this newness of life is coming to single mothers who are in need of a rebirth. As we minister to them, many of the mothers decide to accept this new life to escape from addiction, violence and homelessness.   This second chance can mean the transformation of a family, moving from hopelessness to wholeness, joy, and purpose. Is it wonderful to see ”Spring” showing  forth through their lives in all its beauty!

We are grateful to each of you who support The Bridge to Hope through prayer, financial or volunteering.  Together we may see many more mothers’ experience the real Spring.

Written by Steve Hoffman, volunteer from La Casa de Cristo

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them


We come to you with an urgent prayer request for a Bridge mother today, March 13, 2015.

Those of you that joined us at our B2H dinner on March 5th, know the specific prayer need.

For those that were not, we ask you to lift our Bridge mother up in prayer, for God knows the details.

What an amazing gift together we offer as a community of believers lifting a young mother in prayer during this pivotal day in her life.

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them
Matthew 18:20

Plug in and Shine

Matthew 5.16

Garages store lots of our things.  My garage stores not only Christmas ornaments, it also stores a number of items for The Bridge to Hope, including signs used in a recent Journey to Hope Fundraising dinner.

I moved things around my garage the other day, including those signs in an attempt at better organization.  While doing this, I happened to look at the words on these signs which included “joy” and “kindness”.  This started me thinking; by the way, it doesn’t take much to get me distracted from cleaning my garage, and I said to myself, “If I were a positive person, I’d be much more likely to accomplish my goals than if I were a negative person.” Right?  I bet it’s the same with you!

And just what does it mean to have a purpose in life? Since I am a teacher to my core, I researched and found the definition of purpose to be similar that of a goal: an aim or reason why something is done, or the intention of doing something.

Having a purpose in life enables us to aim in a more positive direction, to connect to  the highest possible within ourselves more and more each day.  When we do that, we experience what some of those words on the signs in my garage were saying – a radiant sense of hope, joy, beauty, courage, optimism, kindness, love, creativity, enthusiasm, energy and patience – virtues that help us feel more alive living out our purpose.

I have experienced an abundance of these outcomes in volunteering with The Bridge to Hope.  Visit our website, at www.b2hope.org and you can get started on your own experience; finding your purpose by serving another.

Take a positive step today in moving towards your highest and best.  Get involved with helping others. The Bridge to Hope could just be part of your solution.

Written by Jane Kilburn, B2H mentor and volunteer