Elaine with children

Songs like, “I’ll be Home for Christmas”  ”Up on the House Top” and “We wish you a Merry Christmas” all tell of the happiness of being home for Christmas.

For many the highlight of Christmas is family.  The Highlight is spending time with their family and sharing memories.

When children have been placed in a foster home, spending time together with mom and family is controlled and directed by others.  It is often based on the foster family’s schedule, or the CPS case manager’s schedule or transportations schedule.

This year some of our B2H kids are home with mom for the first time in several years.

This year when they wake up on Christmas morning, they will be there with their mom, not in a foster home.

They will be able to open their gifts on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Morning, which ever they choose, because they won’t just be visiting mom on Christmas, but be there with her in her home, free to celebrate Christmas the way they choose.

They will be able to help mom decide what they will have for dinner and when they will eat it because this year they live with mom every day and are part of her everyday life.

Because their mom has chosen to be part of The Bridge to Hope, she has been able to provide a safe, happy home for her children to be with her.  She has worked hard to show that she can be and is a responsible mother for her children.

We are so happy to have a part in the lives of these families and see the joy that Christmas brings as they celebrate together as a family with Christmas programs and activities and sharing the joy of Christmas together.

Christmas, it mean being with family.  Thank you to all who support The Bridge to Hope, where mothers rebuild their lives and families wake up on Christmas morning, together.

Written by Evogene Stephens, team member from Bethany Bible Church

Welcome Rhonda!

B2Hope Volunteer1

The Bridge to Hope would like to welcome, Rhonda, new team mentor.

Please lift Rhonda up in your prayers as she steps forward to serve Christ withing the ministry of The Bridge to Hope. Welcome Rhonda!

What Drives You?

Ephesians 6.7

What drives you?  I don’t mean your car, but what motivates you?  What inspires you to go out every day and work hard?

Ask this question to anyone on the street and the answer from most is money, money to purchase things.

But what do most things truly bring us, normally a temporary enjoyment.  These things are transient, soon gone.

What happens if your drive and motivation come from something like Love?  Your pay-off then moves from being an external benefit to becoming an internal one.  Internal pay-offs leave the fingerprints of memories on your heart and mind.

By heart I refer to what God knit together and created in each one of us before we were born. It is what enables us to receive and appreciate the greatest experiences a human can welcome and embrace.

I love to work and always have.  I enjoy working with my hands.  However the greatest joy and fulfillment I receive from such work is when I am able to work for God.  I experience this joy as I serve God by serving others.  One great way to serve others is by helping a Faith filled ministry, whose purpose is to share Jesus’ love and forgiveness to those in great need.

The Christ-centered ministry I serve with is called ‘The Bridge to Hope’.  I welcome you to join me in working with this wonderful organization.  Every time I am paid with the generous compensation of fulfillment in knowing that I share the hope and love that is found in Christ with those who need it most.

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people
Ephesians 6:7

 Written by Steve Hoffmann, mentor and team member of La Casa de Cristo

If you feel challenged to get involved, as Steve did, at The Bridge to Hope, there are many different opportunities for you to do so. The Bridge to Hope is a transformational housing ministry for homeless single mothers.  By sharing your love in working with The Bridge to Hope you can make a big difference in the life and future for a homeless mother and her children.

If you are not able to work directly with the ministry, possibly you could still support the work of men and women like Steve as they mentor and teach the families of The Bridge to Hope.  Commit to give $25.50 per month to The Bridge to Hope.  This amount will provide housing for one B2H family for one day out of the month.

Together we can provide hope and purpose in those that call The Bridge to Hope home.

You choose where your tax dollars go!

Arizona Tax Credit You Decide

Arizona Charitable (formerly “Working Poor”) Tax Credit Form

The State of Arizona has a program that helps you, while helping The Bridge to Hope and the families we serve!

It is called the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.  You make a contribution (see limits below) to B2H and receive a credit, for that amount, on your Arizona State Tax Return.

As always, please consult your tax professional with any additional questions related to your personal tax situation.


Tax Credit

Married: $400

Individual: $200


Thank you for support The Bridge to Hope with your tax dollars!

Download the Tax Credit here!