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I had the joy of being with healthy, active, vibrant children that belong to successful, healthy, active, vibrant women who at one time were Bridge Moms.  These children were all “Bridge Kids” several years ago.  They were with us for Bethany Bible VBS.   The “Bridge Kids” were from three different “Bridge” families, brought by church team members who had been on their moms’ support team several years ago.

These moms have been graduates of The Bridge program for some time.  Why are the team members still involved with their lives?   The moms have to go to work each day to support their family, but they reach out to those who are able to encourage and help their children grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord, the ones they have trusted for some time now.

The Bridge to Hope moms become part of our families.   I’ve noticed that once they become part of the families of B2H church teams, many times they never leave, just as our natural born children come back to us.

There is no requirement that they continue to call Amy Sue and Sallie or their team members for advice.  They have graduated; they can do whatever they want.  B2H has no hold on them, but they are part of the family, and continue to come back for support from those who loved them enough to make them part of their families.

In Galatians 4:5 and Ephesians 1:5 Paul speaks of “adoption as sons” of those who are in Christ.

That’s the way it is with many of the Bridge Moms when they come into our families.   They are there because they have security with those who love them and have “adopted” them into their families.  They continue to trust their children to their church team members who have been with some of them since they were just babies.

What a joy to see the next generation, not living in homelessness, or even remembering being homeless…Or with parents in their addictions, but growing up in the knowledge of God’s love and guidance in their lives.    When a mom comes into the B2H program, she brings the next generation with her.  The hopelessness, helplessness and addictions have stopped and her children learn to trust and be part of that adoptive family forever.

If you would like to bring adoption to your church, call The Bridge to Hope today.

Written by B2H Volunteer Evogene Stephens

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In the space of a couple weeks our family celebrated three wedding anniversaries, from 52 years to 12.  Whose celebration was the most important?  The answer of course is: mine.  This is not because I have been married longer than the others, but because it is my personal milestone.  (Or maybe I should say, “our” milestone since it was as much my wife’s accomplishment as mine!)

Anniversaries come in many varieties.  For instance this year is the 60th anniversary of my High School graduation.  But it could be just as well the anniversary of someone’s birth, someone’s death, someone’s getting a job, or even the year of sobriety.  Christmas and Easter are also anniversaries and are well celebrated.

How we celebrate anniversary varies.  The recent ten year anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy was done with the solemn tolling of bells.  The anniversary of our Independence was marked by parades and fireworks.  Some anniversaries are done with parties, cake and ice cream.  Other anniversaries may be done with prayers of gratitude, often with a rededication to continue the positive course we have taken.

At The Bridge to Hope anniversaries are often and very meaningful due to the course each of the mothers in the program has chosen for herself.  For some of them it all started with the day they realized they had hit bottom and had lost everything: their home, their job, their children, and self- respect.  It was the day they realized they needed help if things were going to change.  It was the day they reached out for that help, first going to a detox center to regain sobriety.  And gaining that sobriety their next step was to apply to The Bridge to Hope to get help getting back on their feet, getting a secure place to live, getting their life cleaned up, getting their children back, and getting employment that would enable them to be the mother they so much desired to be.  In the process of all this they usually found they needed help every step of the way, from a supportive church team, and even more importantly, from having a personal relationship with Jesus.

Now each step has become a meaningful anniversary: the anniversary of the number of months or years of sobriety, the day that their children were returned, the day they gained full time employment, and soon, the day they graduate from The Bridge to Hope program and become what they always desired, a reliable mother.  These anniversaries may sound like small peanuts to some, but to these Bridge mothers they are major.  We at The Bridge to Hope are there with them, cheering them on, as they celebrate each and every anniversary.

We welcome you to celebrate your own anniversary, the moment you stepped forward to commit financially to The Bridge to Hope or better yet, learn the name of a homeless single mother and begin celebrating her anniversaries.  We love anniversaries!

Written by:
Jerry Wibberly,
B2H Board Member & Bethany Bible Team member


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