Do you have heart trouble?

Do You Have Heart Trouble?

The answer to the question is:

If you don’t have charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble!

Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, they have the heart.

We welcome you to share your heart with a Bridge family.

Learn how you can get involved with The Bridge to Hope and get your heart pumpin’!

Faith & Katie

And remember:

God doesn’t call the equipped
He equips the called.

A Family Legacy

Michelle Zuech and boys

Family Legacy: Strength for Freedom

“The few, the proud, the Marines”. Daniel, a ‘Bridge Kid’ left for boot camp to serve in the Marines. We ask all our B2H community to hold him in your prayers as he bravely goes to protect our freedoms.  Daniel, B2H loves you and we are proud of the man you have become, and the legacy of fighting for freedom that started with your mother will continue on in you!

We know Daniel will be a mighty warrior for our country, because of the warrior that is his mother.

Michelle had the strength to exit an abuse relationship, without a job, without a home, without the resources to sustain her and her three boys. 

This is Michelle’s story of fighting for her freedom.

Before I entered The Bridge, now known as The Bridge to Hope, I was at the lowest point of my life, going through all the emotional and feelings of no self-esteem, no confidence, doubt, confusion.  I had no freedom.  I was feeling I was hopeless, worthless, unlovable, and alone.  I thought that maybe God didn’t have a plan for me, that I was truly alone and deserved this life of shame and loneliness.  However, my greatest fear was for my boys to grow up in this home.

Thankfully, I was so wrong!

God had a plan for me and He gave me just enough courage and faith in that moment to take my children, leave my abuser and enter a domestic violence shelter.

After two DV shelters, I entered The Bridge.  A place that provide for my children until I could provide for myself.

When I entered The Bridge my apartment was fully furnished, the beds were turned down ready to receive me and my sons.  I felt an overwhelming feeling of love from people who I had never met.

I felt hope for my future and I had worth.  All those feelings and emotions I had before dwindled away.

My church team from Scottsdale Bible and Valley Presbyterian and Bridge volunteers loved on us and walked with us through a pivotal time in our lives.  They supported my family to freedom.

Michelle with boys lower resolution

And yet…God is still in charge

And yet…God is still in charge

9.4.14 B2H Dinner (16)

                It is hard to make sense of where this world is headed. We live in an age where there is more wealth and education than in any time in history. Science continues to produce better medicines, better machines to diagnose and treat patients, computers that will do almost anything for us, and we are overwhelmed with information on any topic imaginable.  Whatever problem that might arise there is “google” to help us figure out.

And yet…in many ways things are not better.  Mankind has invented weapons that can kill more people in a shorter time than ever, and they are using them. Civil wars are springing up all over the world and people who have lived together peacefully for centuries are now slaughtering one another. If that were not enough, people are now able to rob others by the millions in just a few moments by using the Internet. Incurable diseases are breaking out and killing people in great numbers. Then add where we used to see just our local weather by looking out your door, you see the devastation of weather that bring floods, fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes all over the world. It almost enough to make a person sit up all night worrying!

And yet…God is still in charge.  He is building His kingdom, one soul at a time. Often we notice that where things seem the worst, there people are turning to trust in Christ in unprecedented numbers, including Muslim nations. How does God do it?  Usually, He does it one soul at a time. He uses his followers to accomplish it…you.  He uses people who can and do praise Him even in the most difficult of circumstances…you.  Why?  So believers can reach out to help those around them who are in difficulty.  In many cases it maybe they too have gone through like difficulty, others just out of the compassion He has given.  It seems that we live in a critical time and we have to use what time we have left to do it.  How do we go about it?  One soul at a time, might I even say one family at a time.  If you don’t have someone that God has especially laid on your heart, ask Him to direct you to that one. We need to be using what time we have effectively.

And yet…if you are still not clear as to where God can use you; let me suggest investigating being used through B2H.  Here is an organization that is seeking to help single mothers get back on their feet, one family at a time, and one soul at a time. To learn more go online and check out The Bridge to Hope’s web page at

Written by B2H Volunteer and Board Member,
Jerry Wibberly

 9.4.14 B2H Dinner (12)

B2H Dinner featuring Wendy Walker: Dress for Success from the Inside Out

Wendy Walker


As principal of WENDY WALKER FINE PROPERTIES, Wendy has established herself as one the top producers in the luxury real estate market. She is apowerful negotiator bringing innovative ideas and strategies to each transaction. Wendy’s market knowledge combined with her passion and indefatigable work ethic continues to exceed client’s expectations, proving that personal integrity does bring success.

Ranked in the top 1% of Coldwell Banker agents nationally and internationally, Wendy has been honored with numerous awards and recognitions, including:  #1 Individual Producer Company-Wide for Coldwell Banker in Arizona 2013, Coldwell Banker International President’s Elite & President’s Circle Awards (Multiple Years), Award of Distinction – Most Referred Real Estate Agent, NRT National Leadership Award 2013, Arizona Hall of Fame Award 2013,  Top Agent Magazine’s “Featured Cover Agent” for Phoenix,Residential Executive Magazine’s “Featured Cover Agent,” Coldwell Banker Customer Service Award & President’s Council, AZ Magazine’s Who’s Who in Business Top Ten Agent, and Arizona Foothills Magazine’s Best Realtor in Phoenix 2011, 2012 & 2013.

Aside from working hard, Wendy somehow manages to spend time with those who mean the most in her life, her husband and three young children and also give back to the community. She has held an Executive Board position for The Women of Charter 100 for three terms and was past President of Childhelp Wings Chapter, as well as supports many charities and organizations such as Women for Women International and World Help.