Drug addiction surely ruins lives

2 chronicles 20.15

Drug addiction surely ruins lives.  We’ve seen it in a big way at The Bridge to Hope this past week.  We had one mother who after two positive UA tests confessed she had used.  Her team and B2H stepped in to help her to enter into a treatment facility.  She shared her remorse, but that night she used again and included another B2H mother.

We ask why?  Why would a mother throw away her future for an illusion of euphoria ingested into her body?  Why involve another mother with three young children dragging them down this destructive path?

Addiction:  Addition is a crafty tool of the devil to lie, steal, destroy and enslave.

Our hearts are broken; join us in prayer that the Lord would somehow use all of this to glorify Himself.  It’s hard to see how, but nothing happens by accident.  Both mothers have been exposed to God’s love and grace.  Let’s pray that it will someday become real to them.

This has surely challenged us emotionally at B2H, both staff and volunteers, but we must realize that everything doesn’t happen the way we wish or hope for.  The evil of drug addiction turns things the wrong way.

Sallie, our case worker, received an email from a team member, which we hope will bring comfort to all those who involved in The Bridge to Hope.  Each of you who volunteer or mentor a B2H family, share as Christ calls:

vigilant to discern, diligent to prove, sensitive to new info, sacrificial in following up, wise and firm but merciful in judgement, righteous and consistent in follow-through.  Yes, it feels to us like a death, a betrayal, a weight – this is life after the fall.  Sorrow and tears and failure are only wiped away after Jesus’ appearing.  We don’t win every battle, but the result of the war is already certain. God can bring good out of bad, and we have to believe our prayers will help work this out. He is always teaching us.

The choices of our mothers are often profoundly sad and discouraging, but together we trust God to make something beautiful from the ashes.

Pray for these two moms. Let us also begin praying for our next mom as the Lord prepares her steps to join our ministry.  We also pray our hearts will be open and ready to receive her.

We are grateful to each of you for your prayers that bind us, and allow us to move forward without fear and trepidation, but to boldly share the hope that is found in Christ with mothers, trusting the outcome to Him.

Psalm 147.3

Happy Birthday to You

Romans 5.2

Happy Birthday to You,

As a team we recently had the privilege of celebrating the birthdays of some of our ‘Bridge’ kids.  These children haven’t always been able to celebrate their birthdays with their mothers.

They were not in the custody of their moms, but in the custody of the State of Arizona.  Therefore, they had to receive permission to see them to celebrate special occasions, including birthdays.

As we watched the B2H moms enjoy each other and the children of each of the moms play together, celebrate together, we were so thankful that they were able to share in the birthday and experience the love that each mom gave to her children and the children of the other moms.

As we watched one mom, who does not presently have the custody of her son, reach out in love to express her care and warmth to the children of the other B2H moms, we could only feel the need to pray with her that she will one day soon be able to have her son with us on one of the next outings.

We have a loving heavenly Father who has given His Son so we can have life abundant and free in Him.  He has given parents to children to love them and care for them as He cares for us.  When addictions and poor choices are made which cause a separation between parents and children, we then realize how important that love relationship is.  When the parent, in our case, the mom, turns her life around and allows God to free her from the addiction and begins making wise choices, we can see the love relationship between mother and child restored.

As we celebrated the birthdays of the children, we had the joy of seeing the restored relationship of children to their mothers and also experienced the sadness with the mom who is still waiting and praying for her opportunity to once again share a birthday freely with her son.

The Bridge to Hope volunteers receive the opportunity to experience these blessings and longings with our moms.    We rejoice and we pray.

Peer Support, not just a job!

Peer Support, not just a job!

Bridge Newsletter March 2010_img_7

I have a history, a story that includes attending vocational training called Peer Support Training.  But my story does not start there.

In 1998 I was charged with two class 2 felonies for distribution and trafficking of dangerous illegal narcotics.  In 2008 I was arrested for failing to report to probation and was also charged with forgery.

I have been to county jail several times as a result of my addiction and the lifestyle that comes along with using.  I broke relationships with family and friends.  My three children were taken into CPS custody, including the one I gave birth to while incarcerated.  My oldest son would not speak to me.  When I was released from prison is when my story starting taking a new path.  I did whatever it would take to get my children back.  I completed a four-month halfway house recovery program, a 72 hour Intensive Outpatient Program, parenting classes, drug testing 2-3 times per week, counseling, obtained a sponsor, a mentor, and entered The Bridge to Hope.

The Bridge to Hope worked with me to help me get my children returned to me, and after three years my CPS case was closed.  Praise God!  My relationship with my children, family and friends has healed, thanks to a lot of prayer, forgiveness, hard work and dedication to doing the next right thing.  I also completed peer support training while at The Bridge to Hope. This opened job opportunities for me which included becoming a Peer Support Specialist at CHEEERS (Center for Health Empowerment Education Employment Recovery Services).  I have recently been promoted to Programs Manager. Perhaps even more important, I have remained sober and abstinent from any mind and/or mood altering drugs since January 29, 2008.  I continue to volunteer at my church which is Sun Valley in the childcare ministry where I take care of infants.  I have strengthened bonds with my family and continue to grow in my faith and the relationship that I have with GOD.  I am still very grateful through help of The Bride to Hope I was able to receive Peer Support training.  Who knew a God of restoration would allow my life to be used to serve others on their path to restoration.

Rochelle, Bridge Graduate

We invite you to support a current B2H Mother attend Peer Support Training…changing her path, and her families story.  Give today.

Rochelle & Boys

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!


It is Easter, the time when our Lord allowed Himself to be sacrificed so that we may have an opportunity to live.  Truly live.

The Bridge to Hope invites you to make a financial sacrifice so that a B2H mother has an opportunity to live, live free from homelessness though education and training.

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing!  Isaiah 43:18-19

Help our B2H mother do a new thing!

The Bridge to Hope (www.b2hope.org) is a not for profit housing ministry in Phoenix, AZ for homeless single mothers and their young children.

We have a young mother who desires to use her life experience and pay it forward by becoming a Recovery Support Specialist.

Recovery Support Training (RST) assists individuals in transforming their life experiences into a uniquely individual support they can offer to someone walking a similar journey of recovery.  In essence offering support from someone who has been there.

Our B2H mother has been there and is ready to pay it forward.

She has overcome addiction, and is overcoming homelessness and gaining a hope for her future.  By attending this vocational training to become a Recovery Support Specialist, she will be able to share her life experience, strengths and her hope – a powerful combination for recovery.

We need your help to make this training possible.  The cost of this training is $1,750.  Won’t you please help The Bridge to Hope and support this mother’s future by financially contributing to the cost of this training? 

B2H supporters, we understand this is a significant amount of monies.  Will you please take the time to “share” this urgent need with your network and those that believe in second chances.

You may also mail your tax deductible contribution to:
The Bridge to Hope
1815 W. Missouri Avenue, #105
Phoenix, AZ 85015