A Passover Perspective

A Passover Perspective 2014

The story of the Passover Feast, oftentimes referred to as the “Last Supper”, is told in the Gospels of Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22 and John 13.  Jesus is celebrating a tradition with his Disciples that began back in Exodus 12.  Most teachings from these passages focus on the bread and cup, which are symbolic of the body and blood, since we are told to “do this in remembrance of me”.  It is in this exchange that Jesus is telling the Disciples He is to become the “sacrificial lamb”, becoming the ultimate sacrifice for the sin of the world.

Lets focus on other lessons being taught during this exchange of words and actions, specifically the washing of feet after the meal.  First, Jesus shows his followers they are to be servants.  It would have been customary for the host of a Passover meal to have a servant wash the feet of the guests.  Note in this case, Jesus did not have a servant present, which was by design.  The Master planned to wash the feet of His followers, and tells them so in verses 12-17.

Second, when He reaches Peter, Peter tells Jesus “you shall never wash my feet”.  Jesus tells him, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me”.  What was He saying here?  Two things come to mind.  He quickly addresses Peter’s pride, for as we read in Proverbs 6, versus 16-19, this is one of the six things God hates.  It was humility Jesus was looking for.  In Matthew 5, commonly referred to as The Beatitudes, He taught “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs in the kingdom of heaven”.

He was preparing them for what was to come shortly, and developing them into who they were to become, once he was no longer with them.  We know from the books of the New Testament, the Disciples embraced their servanthood, and the call of God on their lives.  At Pentecost, the deal was sealed, when the helper, the Holy Spirit, descended upon them in the upper room.

May we, who have this same power, embrace our calling to serve those who are in our lives, and fulfill the call of God, just like those who walked the earth with Him.

A Volunteer Perspective


Understanding The Bridge to Hope from various perspectives has been useful for me as a team member, coordinator and a Board Member for the past ten years.  It has allowed me to see how truly life-changing the programs and support teams are in the lives of homeless mothers and their children.

All of us have various challenges that we have faced, and bad choices that we have made, that is a part of our humanness and against God’s will for our lives.  Often, when Moms join The Bridge to Hope they may still have ties to many of the addictions and past habits of their previous lives.  Nevertheless, it is reality and even though we know it is wrong or bad for us, Satan’s pull is strong.  Without God strongly in our conscious thoughts we can give in to these temptations and take us down a path of destruction and regret.

I have learned to stay positive and forward focused because Christ’s spirit is within me.  Because Christ is a living God, he is always with us.  I have had the privilege of seeing many women and their families come through The Bridge to Hope.  Many miracles and blessings have been bestowed and all I need to see is this continuing to happen in the current families and for the future Moms, to realize the blessings that I receive as a volunteer.  There is a peace that comes over me that sees these blessings in action and that is truly heartfelt.  This became so clear, once again, during Crystal’s recent graduation.  Congratulations Crystal for staying focused on positive thoughts, not only for your future, but that of your children.  Glory to God for his grace and blessings to The Bridge to Hope families and volunteers.


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You know how some days are just uglier than others?

You know how some days are just uglier than others?

A day spent in waste because Sallie’s computer no longer is working.  She simply cannot do her work that day without a computer.  Several computers have been donated, but are not wireless.  You know your skill level to make them work is beyond you.

Defeat and discouragement settle in, you focus is another day feels wasted.  Sallie packs up, frustrated.  It is certain tomorrow will look much like today without an intervention.

I watch as Sallie has her keys are in her hand ready to depart and a B2H mother asks merely, “I want to give my life to Christ, what do I do?”

From my office I watch Sallie lead Trista, mother of three young children, to Christ; praying with and for her.  It is then the troubles of the day evaporate and become a nuisance, not a catastrophe.

The Bridge to Hope is a ministry providing for the physical needs of homeless single mothers and their children.  Together with the churches that partner with B2H we bind up their wounds of hurts and failures from a past that resulted in homelessness.  Together we surround them with the love and compassion the Lord calls each of us to have for each other we provide for not only their spiritual needs but their emotional needs and spiritual needs through relationships built on Christ.

Yes, some days are simply uglier than others, but then again they are not…and again I say Amen.

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And right now in the good times and bad He is on the throne…

And right now in the good times and bad He is on the throne…

You are God Alone by Phillips Craig and Dean, a powerful worship song that helps me to remember God is in control.  This week at The Bridge to Hope we have experienced what feels like a roller coaster.  Excitement, anticipation, fear.  Racing to the top with our hands up in the air celebrating our first B2H Graduation and then plunging downward as we learn one of our B2H mothers has chosen to leave the ministry.  Though it all we cling to Him and relax in knowing He is God alone…Unchangeable, Unshakable, Unstoppable.