At the age of nineteen my world was turned upside down.  I tried crystal meth and from the very first I was hooked.  All I cared about was drugs.  I became homeless, living in my jeep on the beach, doing whatever I could to get high.  At age 21 I found out I was having a baby.  This motivated me to change, and so I got sober and had a great job.

Six years later though I went back to drugs.  I lost everything once again, but this time it included my daughter.  I went deeper in my addiction. For a time, I was living in a tent in someone’s backyard.  I made frequent trips to jail.  I guess I really must have loved the food there.  I lost all hope, living in shame, turning my back on everyone, including God.  I was at the point where I didn’t want to live anymore and contemplated suicide.  I knew I had to change or I was going to die.  I turned myself in to a cop driving by.  I entered a treatment facility, a three-month inpatient rehab, where I could truly focus on myself and my addiction.

When it was close to the time I would be done with rehab, my counselor gave me an application for The Bridge to Hope.  I took one look at the application and said, “No Way!”  She told me to just submit it so I did, and wouldn’t you know I got an interview.  That was intense.  I was happy and scared but so grateful.

I was invited to be a part of The Bridget to Hope program.  I know I was not the easiest to deal with and had many ups and downs during this time.  The Bridge to Hope showed me a lot of grace.  Through this ministry, I was able provide a stable home for myself and my daughter Aubrey.  During my time with them, I achieved much.  I received an early termination from probation.  I also got a full-time job as a supervisor. I opened a checking and savings account and have paid off most of my debts.

I attended church because my church team made a commitment to pick up my family each Sunday.  Aubrey and I were baptized by my sponsoring church.  I now have a relationship with God again.  The biggest thing I gained from The Bridge to Hope is my relationships.  This means the world to me.  My relationship with my family was restored to one of trust and respect.  I now have a church family, too.  I also gained two amazing friends that I met while at The Bridge to Hope, they were also mothers.  I am thankful to Faith Bible church for supporting my family.  Today I have a home of my own and I am happy to say I have bills that I can now deal with.

I want to thank Faith Bible Church for being there when I was in need.  My future goal is to serve God by giving back to The Bridge to Hope, a ministry that gave so freely to me.

Sponsored by Faith Bible Church
June 2, 2015– August 5, 2017

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